Quick tips to cut the cost of using your mobile abroad
02 Apr

Quick tips to cut the cost of using your mobile abroad

Worn a lottery and now you want to take an adventure to your favourite holiday destination abroad? Before you set off with either your family or friends, make sure that your phone is does work on an international level as this will give you an upper edge in being able to use the travel guides, texting among other things. But of key importance is how are you going to manage your international calls since they are expensive and you need to cut down on such costs? Below are some of the tips you will use to cut on the costs:

  • Technology application such as skype – This is one of the most cheapest and probably the cheapest way that you are going to cut cost of your mobile phone. Internet will really help you skype as the cost is constant, not varying like mobile networks when you change from one location to the other. In the event that you top up a skype credit, you can make calls at a cheap rate as low as 0.012p per minute using your computer. Voice over Internet Protocol is another technology to help you communicate cheaply.
  • Texting – Sending a text message is quite cheap as compared to the actual calling. A call per minute can cost $1 while a single text which can deliver a similar message only goes for 50p. So what could you prefer? But a long series of texting will lead to more costs than just a simple quick call. Texting is thus an affordable way to cut on cost when travelling abroad.
  • Purchase a global or local SIM card – If you are a frequent flier abroad, I think you are going to consider this as an option. This SIM card will save you on the unnecessary costs. For example, when outside European Union, calls do escalate in price, it is therefore advisable to buy a global SIM card.
  • Go for the best deal on the network – The network providers are reasonable people and do provide special packages for the calling rates abroad. Therefore check which deal can be favourable and affordable to you to help cut of cost. For example using calling cards and phone cards.
  • Voicemail – You can avoid the cost of you having to receive voicemail messages. Deactivate the voicemail just before you fly.
  • International dialling codes – These are special and specific codes for international calls that when used can make your call rates lower. Also getting to use specific country codes when calling that are placed just before the main number, gets you through the other call at a better affordable rate depending on the network.

Therefore, let not your smartphone expense t=you with the data roaming when overseas, as you can always switch it off to avoid unnecessary application downloads or updates. This and the many more tips above will help you get through your trip or adventure abroad with using your phone with minimal charges. Avoid unnecessary …

International Dialing – Worst Excuses Not to Call Your Family Abroad
20 Feb

International Dialing – Worst Excuses Not to Call Your Family Abroad

If you live outside your home country where your family lives or your family is somewhere in another country then you cannot avoid placing international calls. There is no chance of escaping from it. You must spend days on just emailing them and trying to avoid the call for various and numerous reasons. Also you move to the instant messaging which are really quick and easy to do but they can be expensive too if texting internationally. International dialing codes vary from country to country.

You will call abroad when you are out of your busy schedule or when it is very mandatory to call on some matters or maybe when you are missing someone. How about sending a quick text message and not reply to the incoming messages or maybe your budget is going low and you are not in the mood to spend on a calling card and let family call you so that your money is saved. Excuses seem familiar, right? Read more at http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/29/rebtel-app-lets-users-make-international-calls-for-small-bills.html

Worst Excuses for Not Dialing Abroad

Call is too costly – We are not uncertain of the fact that placing an international call can be very high-priced and expensive. This happens especially to the areas where there are no calling plans and systems in the phone or landline operator. Giving you an example, when a call is placed from United Kingdom to Bangladesh, it takes 46p per minute from the BT landline and from the mobile phone it takes £1 per minute. This is actually very high-priced. The solution is that you should register yourself for international calling service. What will be the difference? I tell you what! You would be actually able to call Bangladesh from United Kingdom at the cost of 2.7p per minute. Yes! That’s true, go try for it. Click here to read more info  about dialing abroad.

Email is suitable – No one is denying the fact that email is suitable but the truth is it takes a lot of time to actually interact with your family through emails. Days pass by and you are giving a reply and after days you receive one, sounds irritating, let’s be straight forward that 5minute call to hear the voice of your loved ones and talking to them is a whole big scene. Spend some money and make a call because your granny or grandpa might not know to use email.

It is hectic and time consuming to search for the Calling plans – This truth is undeniable because there are various companies offering different calling card schemes for the ones who want to call abroad. What you have to do is go for the company that you think suits you best with the offers etc.

Tough routine – You must be busy in jobs and other activities but if you have the right plan, you can make a call from your mobile phone from anywhere either house or office.

Calling cards are time consuming – It takes an effort …

Exercise Awareness When Considering A Country Code Top Level Domain
20 Feb

Exercise Awareness When Considering A Country Code Top Level Domain

With the advancement and development in every field of life, these days numerous countries allow people to operate their country code Top Level Domain even if they are not the residents of that nation. Country allow to register people under their country code Top Level Domain ( ccTLD ) extension. So, the choice of opting best possible name has widened. Despite that, the people who register should also make this thing certain that they are well informed with the laws and culture of the country relevant to it before submitting registrations to that country.

Why to be vigilant about it?

The reason why registrants should have knowledge about the culture and the laws of that nation is that in the history, regime of the nation took steps and shut down their services after inquiring about how the ccTLD was being used on their country’s name. The reason was rooted on the basis of political, religious or whatsoever but it cost a great deal of loss to the websites including online e-stores. Read more http://www.idnnews.com/?tag=idn-cctld

You have a ‘say’ in your country does not mean that you will have a freedom of speech in the country that you want to register yourself for the ccTLD extension. You may fall apart if you have a business and nothing will help you if their culture laws are not recognizing your rights. In short, be careful in this matter when getting registered.

Related Example for you to know

In 2011, when Libya’s government was dissolved, hackers made a low profile site of Libya’s Top Level Domain. That time was very tough for the registrants because the other sites using Libya’s ccTLD were not affected. In reference to this, the registry was under the General Post and Telecommunications Co. also Muhammad el-Gaddafi, the eldest son of the Colonel M. Gaddafi, was the chairman of the organization; whose regime was being out ruled.

Reputation Matters

An additional point of concern is that not all the country code Top Level Domain are reputable. Some extensions of the country are represented excessively in statistics to embezzlement, trickery, double-dealing and other various types of numerous online activities.

Some registrants invest a significant amount of time and in their sites, full analysis with the different more ways of the attentiveness can help in the prevention of any kind of the problem either financial or something other in relevant.

For Businesses

The best thing would be to register under the Top Level Domain of your country or to submit in a generic TLD like .com etc. To be in a state of peace, if the business is within a country then a TLD associated with it is best to operate because the confidence of the people is developed. The people who browse for shopping at your website. For example the domain of Canada is .ca and Australia’s domain is .au. Similarly the domain of India is .in etc and similarly the country codes of Canada and USA is 1 and …

Phone Cards – Money Saving Tips from A Travel Pro
20 Feb

Phone Cards – Money Saving Tips from A Travel Pro

When you decide to travel, it is essential to keep a check on your pocket. For this purpose even the slightest of saving makes a difference to your bank balance. Similarly, when you are travelling it is very important for you to keep yourself in contact with your family and friends. Phone Cards are a relief for the one who is on budget saving program. Read more at http://www.callingcards.com/

Why to Use a Phone Card

There can be various explanations to give reason on why to use a calling card but the main thing is to save money and keep yourself on the budget that you have set for yourself. The reason of focus on saving from a calling card must be very mundane but it should be kept in mind that little drops of water make the mighty ocean

Finding the Right Choice

Just to know that international calling cards keep you in budget is not enough. You need to have a thorough knowledge about which one to choose. The reason is that the right card will help you in saving a lot of money than from the wrong card that will either save very little almost negligible or in some cases not even a bit of money. So, this all depends on your choice of selecting the right one for yourself.

Sometimes, a person thinks that if this company is very popular so it must be good and beneficial too. To tell you the truth, this concept is totally wrong. If you Google a phone card company, there will be thousands of companies that will open up in the search window. Now that is a problem. To give you a relief, due to complaints and other reasons many deceiving companies have been shut down. So, mostly the real ones have been left behind who serve you right.

Paying No Fee Policy

This is a trick of card companies that deceive you and you get deceived. Never ever buy those cards which come with the fee. I tell you why! The reason is that the cards that come with the fee have cheap call per minute but they also have maintenance fee and this makes a deduction in your card even if you are not using it daily. The ones with higher call rates per minute are actually the ones which benefits your budget. Yes! This must be a shock but this is reality my pal.

Dialing Codes:

To help you a bit more, following are some of the international dialing codes:-

Canada country code: 1

USA country code: 1

Australia country code: 61

India country code: 91

Germany country code: 49

Many people do not realize the worth of saving few pennies even from the calling cards. These cards DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE to your budget and you will feel it too. Only you need to do is to be sensible on how you spend and save your money on the travel trips…

How to Place an International Phone Call
20 Feb

How to Place an International Phone Call

Marshall McLuhan stated that world is a global village. Getting into more detail of this phrase, Marshall actually meant that in these days everyone is connected somehow through communications. Let it be phones or internet. In today’s world, connecting from friends and family who live in another part of the world is not impossible and not even difficult. All it requires is to make a phone call. Click here to read more info about international phone call.

Coming towards HOW to make an international phone call. Therefore, the following points will make you completely understand about the method of placing a call to another country.

Step number 1:

Dial IDD code

The first and foremost thing which is necessary to do is that you have to put your country’s exit code which is also known as IDD i.e. international direct dialing code or it is also called international access code.

This specific numbered code puts your call out of the country from which you are dialing. This code vary from area and country to country. Like 011 is the international access code of the two countries that are USA and Canada.

Step number 2

Dial Country code

Making it sure that you have put the right international access code, the next step towards placing an international phone call is that you have to put the country code of that country that you want to make a call. For example there are different country codes of countries like Australia country code is +61, Canada country code is +1, Germany country code is +49, India country code is +91 and similarly USA country code is +1 as that of Canada.

Step number 3

Dial Area Code

After dialing country code, the next dialing code you have to put is the area code of the city/state that you are dialing to and also it restricts your call towards that area only and not some other area. Digits of the area code can vary from 1-5. There is no specification in it. Read more http://www.forbes.com/sites/josephsteinberg/2014/02/01/dont-return-calls-from-these-area-codes-its-a-scam/#1015436960d3

Step number 4

Dial the telephone number

Now that you have put IDD, country code and area code what you have to do next is to put the actual number which is the personal number of that person whom you want to talk. This number is quite familiar to numbers we use locally but in some countries digits are less or more.

Trunk prefix

In many countries, there is a specific number which is used for local people which means one has to dial that number if they are making a national call and not an international one. So, what it should be done is not to dial that extra number if you are placing an international call because that number is only used in the local phone system of that country and you might have a problem in connecting a call. Mainly 0 and 1 are used as trunk prefixes.

For United States,code is 1 and it is …

Benefits Of Tracings Online Phone Calls
20 Feb

Benefits Of Tracings Online Phone Calls

Certainly time will come in everyone’s life wherein they will be very much concerned about the phone calls. There are a number of reasons for getting worried; it might due to your children continuously talking on cell phone and your spouse leaving the room to make a call. Obviously, it makes suspicious to a slight extent.

With the advancement in the technology, you can trace the mobile online phone call but the only drawback it’s quite expensive. You need to pay for this and then you can go for downloading this software wherein you will be provided with a username and software. The last method specified is quite better than the other because you can easily access the information from any system that has internet access.

Services and benefits from online phone call tracing

If you really want to trace an online phone call, there is a wide variety of services available for you benefits. You can get information regarding both incoming and outgoing calls, text messages as well. You can even get the exact location of your loved ones. This process of getting access to cell phone information of others is called as cell phone hacking.

The concept of cell phone tracking is one of the latest technological advancement that threatens the privacy of people. Tracking of a cell phone is quite simple as it makes use of the cell phone towers. The number of the telephone network is increasing to a greater extent due to the increase in the cell phone users. As such, the tracking online phone call becomes easier.

There are number of possible ways in which a cell phone can track and are as follows:

Network based identification: The network services are made used in identifying the location of the cell phone. This method of identifying is quite easier, and there is no reason for the handset to get affected.

Handset-based identification: Under this method of identification, software is installed in the handset of the person through this software you can get access to the information on the cell phone like call logs, messages, etc.But the drawback of this method is you need to need to install additional software for the handset. Read more http://www.scmagazine.com/report-nsa-operation-to-identify-cell-phone-network-weaknesses-exploit-for-surveillance/article/386984/

SIM based identification: This of the method wherein this method doesn’t requires the interference of the handsets but make of the signal received by the SIMwhich helps accessing the cell phone information like calls logs and location of the cell phone user.

With the advancement made in the mobile technology, the process of tracing online phone calls has made life easier for a number of peoples. It is a sort of gift for keen parents, suspicious partners, employees and still more peoples have made use of this services and have got best results out of it. Though there is a number of online cell phone call tracing facilities available but browsing through the internet you will get a number of advanced options. There is quite a number of mobile

Things To Know About Online Phone Call
20 Feb

Things To Know About Online Phone Call

Internet calling or online phone call has eventually revolutionized the way people communicate and do business. Within few short years, it has emerged as the favored method of communication for lots of people across the globe. Internet phone call commonly known as VoIP lets people make a voice call to others via the internet, generally utilizing their computers. The only essentials which needed to make use of internet calling is a modern PC, high-speed internet and thus, it is amazingly possible to communicate with individuals from across the globe for absolutely free.


It is probable to utilize a traditional phone to make calls over the internet. However, most of the people utilize a special USB or headset phone which plugs into their PC to make such calls. There are a large number of products that are available for internet calling facility varying from very simple headsets which plug into your PC’s microphone or earphone jacks and to specially build internet calling phones which plug into PC’s USB port. The most common and basic headsets would cost you only a few dollars whereas the sophisticated models would cost you more.

Call costs

For individuals, the key benefit of the online phone call is that it could be done for a much lower price or for absolutely free. There are several internet calling services that are available these days that offers people to make the call instantly and easily from their PC via the internet to other persons. It is even possible to utilize internet calling facility to call traditional cell phones or telephones. However, this would cost you a bit, yet it is highly affordable. Click here to read more info about call costs.

Other vital features

Over last few years, an online phone call has emerged into much more than simply a means to make a voice call. Internet calling services now provide al sorts of additional features which actually makes the calling via the internet as an amazing form of communication.

For instance, with some renowned service providers you are able to rent a traditional telephone number in the desired area and that lets people make the calls directly to your computer from traditional telephones. This sort of number acts same as that of regular telephone number and as such people calling you from local area would have to pay just the local call charges. Some of the other great features of internet phone calls include SMS messaging, video calls, live chat, and lots more. The user-friendly features make internet calling to be the best option to consider.

The Internet calling beneficial for business

Internet calling provides a wide assortment of novice opportunities for businesses. Possibly, most vital among these are video conferencing, audio conferencing and lots more. The Web conferencing is very much needed these days, and internet calling can aid in saving lots of money on international phone calls as well. There are lots of benefits for business by internet calling.

Overall, in today’s digital era

VoIP Phone Calls – Why consider using it?
20 Feb

VoIP Phone Calls – Why consider using it?

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP phone calls is one of the ways that you can incorporate internet technology for your business needs. There are many advantages that can be gained when you use this type of telecom service and the disadvantages that it has been not big enough to discourage its use. Let us look at the different things that you can have when you use voice over internet protocol systems in your business:

Voice over internet protocol services is very cheap when compared to what you pay for when you subscribe to local telecommunication network.

The most common type of advantage when you use VoIP phone calls or voice over internet protocol systems is that you can maximize the money that you are paying for the service that you can get. Not only is the voice over internet protocol systems very cost efficient, but it is also worth all the money that you spent on it. Just think about it, international phone calls in your current telecom provider will be a waste of money. It is very impractical because the cost is too high. However, when you are using voice over internet protocol systems in your company, then you can be assured of having unlimited calls internationally. Yes, you read it right. A package can be set with a voice over internet protocol systems provider so that you can have unlimited call both local and international. Read more at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/truth-about-cell-phones-and-national-do-not-call-registry

Voice over internet protocol does not have any hidden charges that most local providers have charged their customers.

In your monthly bill for your telephone or cell phone, you can see different charges that you are paying yet you do not understand what these charges are and why you are paying them. Also, the computation of taxes and such are not well defined, and most of us just want to ignore such things and just pay the bill.

When you avail of voice over internet protocol systems, the bill will come to you annually or semi-annually depending on the deal that you have with the company. Also, there are no confusing computations just a simple fee for the package that you choose.

VoIP or voice over internet protocol cannot work without power.

Since you are using the internet and a computer to have your call, it is only normal that you will not be able to call someone when you have a power outage. Since the computer cannot be turned on, the call simply cannot be made. However, a nice way to work around this is to use a laptop or backup generators.

Voice over internet protocol should not be used when you are running another application.

To ensure the best quality in sound and in reception, you need to run your VOIP application by itself and not with other applications. Opening different applications at the same time will eat your computers memory and will affect the VoIP phone calls performance.…

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